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the Organization for Economic Development and the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Obama highlighted the joint efforts undertaken by the two countries in the development of hydrogen-bas

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inhua) -- Brazil and Caribbean countries on Monday pledged to further promote the integration of their economies as well as cooperation in international politics. Heads of state an

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celerate the efforts and avoid duplication. "We have created a space here in Montreal for open dialogue and communication in anticipation of a major conference on reconstruction,"

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Quinn has declared the city a disaster area. "At least six people have lost their lives in the wake of these storms, and our hearts go out to their families and the many others

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tional capital, felt they could not use the language of their choice at work because there were not enough people around them who understood it. He said the national government act

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win popular support. "I urge every American who wants this reform to make their voice heard as well -- every family, every business owner, every patient, every doctor, every nurse

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nton's remarks came after DPRK announced on Wednesday that it would suspend nuclear tests, long-range missile launches, and uranium enrichment activities as agreed with the Unite