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results.? Full story CARACAS, Feb. 4 (Xinhua) -- Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez "is on his way to recovery, getting better every day," the country's top lawmaker said Monday at

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, including computers and other electronics. Panetta has set up a task force to act on the fresh intelligence. Intelligence reporting suggests that one of bin Laden's wives who sur

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ay that any mistakes made in response to the attacks on U.S consulate in Libya's Benghazi will not be repeated. However, his opponent, Republican vice presidential candidate Paul R

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rom 2,400 the year before. About 98 percent of these refugee claims were turned down. There has also been an influx of Roma refugee claimants from Poland, Romania and the Czech R

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ground Metro station to the ground, where a security check outside the building awaits them. Policemen evacuate people near the site where a shooting incident occurred at a M

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May 2011 to abandon its search after it had failed to find oil in the region over 12 years at a cost of 125 million U.S. dollars. Earlier, Brazilian oil company Petronas had als

天天看片天天看高清影视手机版 -欧美eveo孕妇

nservative economist Franco Parisi and Defense Minister Andres Allamand were tied in fourth place. Undeclared or undecided voters accounted for 18 percent of those surveyed, accor